Microfinance, Bulgaria

Microfinance Bulgaria Companies Worldwide
  • Microfinance organization based in Luxembourg. Financial support and technical services for microfinance institutions. Publications, library and database. Specialised in
  • Gateway to affiliated enterprises, foundations, and projects. Provides an overview of microcredit, annual report, newspaper articles, and newsletter.
  • Offer people in the industrialized world the opportunity to lend small sums of money through a network of institutions, to help entrepreneurs in developing countries
  • Encourages members of the public to combat poverty and multiply the impact of their money by providing a loan guarantee system for small entrepreneurs to finance and
  • Provides microfinance services to the poor in selected parts of Uttarakhand and Western U.P., India.
  • Promotes transparent pricing in the microfinance world by collecting interest rate data and publishing educational information about how interest rates work.
  • Provides a microfinance platform that connects contributors from around the world with entrepreneurs in rural China. Includes a video showing how the scheme works.
  • Business news portal providing information about the microfinance sector in the region.
  • Provides news, breaking stories, events, resources, trainings and featured articles from the microfinance sector. Publishes a downloadable monthly magazine.
  • Provides data on the global microfinance sector.
  • Non-profit microfinance organization providing financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs.
  • Allows individuals to provide microfinance loans to small business entrepreneurs in developing countries. Created by Care International, loans can be made online.
  • A group of associated professionals discussing micro finance investments. Weblog.
  • Social network geared towards microfinance and peer-to-peer lending. Members can browse projects of microentrepreneurs and personal pages of users and lenders.