Reverse Mergers, Bulgaria

Reverse Mergers Bulgaria Companies Worldwide
  • A broker-dealer, registered investment advisor, and NASD member specializing in reverse mergers. Includes a description of services, portfolio of transactions, and staff
  • Investment bank assists private companies in going public by reverse mergers with public shells.
  • Offers reverse merger with clean public shells and public equity exit strategies.
  • Assists small to medium size companies that desire to obtain public status by reverse merger with public shells.
  • Offers shell companies for reverse mergers.
  • Offers clean, fully reporting public shells for reverse mergers.
  • Offers expertise on going public, reverse mergers, investor relations and raising equity.
  • Assists emerging growth companies go public using public shell and reverse merger.
  • Public shell services and operations. Assists to go public via reverse takeover merger or acquisition.
  • Assist private companies in becoming public, specifically through the reverse merger process.
  • Provides reverse mergers to small and mid-sized companies going public.
  • Assists companies going public with reverse mergers, public shells and filings.
  • Offers go public and ipo services as well as information about reverse mergers, public shell and market makers. Assists with Regulation D private placements and how to
  • Provides reverse merger and public shells due diligence for companies going public via IPO. An association for investment banks, venture capital firms, private equity