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  • An annuity comparison and shopping Web site. Includes a primer covering the history of annuities and updated quotes from U.S. insurance companies.
  • The online edition of this magazine.
  • Offers fixed annuity information to the public and salespeople. Also developed software that supports the annuity industry.
  • Offers a family of stock, bond, and money market funds as well as funds of funds.
  • The annuities division for this insurance company. Contains retirement planning tools as well as explanatory information on variable and fixed annuities.
  • Online broker founded by the publisher of Annuity Shopper magazine. Offers instant quotes and educational resources concerning equity index, immediate and variable
  • Compares annuities yielding high interest rates and guaranteed lifetime incomes.
  • Offers current fixed and equity indexed annuity quotes and a large FAQ section.
  • Learn about the annuity-buying process, as well as 1035 annuity exchanges and how to roll over an IRA into an annuity.
  • Over 200 mutual funds, money market funds, fixed and variable annuities.
  • Offers advice on buying annuities and a feed of the latest annuity rates. Aimed at retirees and features case studies.
  • Individualized recommendations and comparisons for immediate, fixed and indexed annuities.
  • A UK annuity broker that provides annuity rates and recommendations.
  • Compares quotes for annuities that are immediate, fixed and CD-type. Offers resources and articles on annuity products.
  • LBL offers immediate and deferred annuities.
  • Fixed and variable annuity broker. Offers information about unsuitable annuity products.
  • Research annuities using a real-time price comparison quote service, allowing you to optimise your pension income.
  • Provides quotes, rates, financial calculators and a library of articles.